New Drama Movies To Look Into This June

June 19, 2020

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Espresso of the Day

February 26, 2018

The 68th Berlin International Film Festival culminated festively with the Award Ceremony on February 24, 2018. Over the eleven days of the Berlinale, the various sections of the Festival made it possible for viewers to make many cinematic discoveries. However, the brig...

February 20, 2018

Just seven days left to official declaration of spring. What a relief! To go on with this happy tune, try watching a new comedy from a rather long list of new releases. Laughing your way through the last week of this winter is definitely not a bad idea. New works of an...

February 19, 2018

Though February is the shortest month of the year, it might still be the scariest. At least in terms of new horror movie releases. Seven new nerve scratching works are being introduced to the fans of this bloody industry. Take it or leave it but here is the list of tit...

February 15, 2018

In a certain way February is the hottest month of the year. Just look at Rio de Janeiro bouncing up and down in a rhythm of samba or Venice crowded with fancy masks and costumes. It is the month of carnival when streets of many cities in the world drown in a sea of col...

February 13, 2018

Tomorrow a day of thousand sentiments, emotions and red hearts awaits us all. Those feeling skeptic about this synthetic show-off won't refuse an amicable glass of wine, too. Or even an evening show of a new Fifty Shades Freed. However, drama goes on despite a celebrat...

February 8, 2018

Bears are back to Berlin! The 68th International Berlin Film Festival - Berlinale is ready to draw attention of all film lovers from 15 to 25 February. Each year the Berlinale comprises about 400 films of every genre, length and format. The festival is divided into nin...

February 6, 2018

Thanks to predictions of the famous groundhog Phil, we're about to experience six more weeks of cold and stubborn winter. Positive news to all book lovers who have guaranteed additional time for cozy page turning evenings with a hot herb tea and a cookie. Because if Ph...

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