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The Place Were Michael Caine Was Chasing The Youth

If you have watched Youth by the Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino, you have definitely thought about the place main actors were staying in. The Spa in Swiss Alps surrounded by harmony and tranquility.

Probably you‘ve thought of it as an oasis for millionairs, film actors and famous musicians. Well, this location is open to everybody. It is situated in Flims and in May 2014, its resort called the Waldhaus Flims was the main filming location for "Youth - La Giovinezza".

For just 65-75 Swiss francs fee for day admission you can enjoy the same bathing facilities and sauna landscape and relax as Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Jane Fonda or Paul Dano did in the movie.

Visit the Waldhaus Flims website for more information.


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