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The Hottest April Readings

Though spring sun shines brighter inviting to spend more time outdoors, new April book releases might accompany you to the park or a terrace. From a variety of genres, we have selected Top 5 books for you to put on your reading list. Extend your pleasure of reading throughout the month of April!

Liz Fenton

Would you change your life, if you were given the opportunity to go back in time? This topic is not a novelty, however, it is always tempting to imagine the rewind. In the novel three best friends Jessy, Gabriela and Claire get this chance to get back when they were forty and alter their past. Each of them thinks of the things they would have done differently. But changing the past does not necessarily mean you are going to get a better future...

Edith Maxwell

Those who are fascinated by murder mysteries of the 19th century will love this first case untangled by a midwife Rose Caroll. The plot takes place in a small mill town Quaker, Massachusetts, in 1888. The local carriage business is threatened by the arsonist. Moreover, soon the family running this business faces two murders. As the murder weapon of one of the murders turns to be Rose's knitting needle, she has to find the truth herself.

Bill Beverly

The main character of this novel is on the road from LA to Wisconsin. It's his first ever journey in America and his first journey inside himself. His name is East and he belongs to a gang in LA. Together with the other teenage gang members, East travels to Wisconsin to fulfill his uncle's order to kill a key witness. But the journey transforms his narrow horizons... Some say this novel reminds of the works by Richard Price, Denis Johnson, and J.D. Salinger.

Paul Vidich

This one is a real spy novel. In the midst of the Cold War, in 1953, right after Stalin's death, the traitor with a code-name Protocol threatens the whole CIA: secret documents are sold to the Soviet Union and undercover agents are being assassinated. CIA director calls the most fitted operative George Mueller to find Protocol. He trusts George, however, in this complicated situation no one can be trusted...

Joshua Hammer

This book is not a novel. It is a testimony on how the precious ancient Islamic manuscripts were saved from Al Qaeda in Mali. When in 2012 Al Qaeda seized the major part of Mali, it threatened to destroy the manuscripts. But there came a bad-ass librarian - archivist and historian from Timbuktu Abdel Kader Haidara who managed to organize a dangerous operation and sneak the manuscripts to safety.

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