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John Grisham's 10 Reasons To Buy A Book For Christmas

As Christmas spirit jingles from every corner and gift searching fever rises to the extreme heights, the fans of John Grisham receive a personal advice on what to put under a Christmas-tree. No wonder he finds 10 reasons to give your beloved ones, friends and colleagues a book.

Here are those 10 fundamental reasons:

1. Books are easier to wrap than footballs or fruit baskets.

2. Books don’t break.

3. Once you’ve finished with a book, it’s not empty, in fact it’s still full!

4. No batteries or assembly needed.

5. Books don’t make annoying noises that alarm pets or grandparents.

6. One size fits all.

7. No ironing or washing or maintenance of any kind required.

8. Books are non-perishable.

9. There’s a book for everyone, even Uncle Albert, who reads only post-modern detective westerns.

10. Giving a book shows how well you know and and how much you respect the recipient.

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