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Top 5 Crime Novels To Add For Easter Mystery Readings

This year April is the Easter month and following Scandinavian tradition it means that it's high time to start reading crime novels. Scandinavian Paaskekrim is a strange phenomenon, which gets contagious and spreads like a virus not only through the northern countries but a lot further. Thus for all crime novel lovers we offer TOP 5 brand new April crime thrillers to look for in the bookstores. You just have to free your mind for Easter mystery...

by Megan Miranda

The readers who have read Miranda's All the Missing Girls, should be thrilled to find her new novel. The failed journalist Leah Stevens is about to leave Boston when she meets her old friend Emmy Grey who proposes to leave together for rural Pennsylvania. But upon arrival Emmy disappears. Leah starts looking for her friend, however, investigating efforts lead her and the police to the notion that Emmy is non-existent at all. Who Leah can trust when most of the people around her have something to hide? Well, Leah has something to hide, too.

by Lisa Scottoline

If you longing for suspense, choose this novel where plot twists while an unexpected end won't let you fall asleep. Chris Brennan has perfect references while applying for a job at high school but everything around him is a lie. Thus the question is why is he there and why the lives of three families somehow revolve around the same Chris Brennan? Be ready to get over-emotional!

by Lori Rader-Day

This high rated crime thriller is about a woman called Anna Winger who can tell about people just looking at their handwriting. But one day she is called to take a glance at the ransom note left at the murder scene. What she sees in the note makes her feel involved. Was it the mother who stole her son to escape from abusive husband like Anna has done thirteen years ago? In any case, Anna is sure that the mother and the child would be in danger if they are to be returned back.

by M.L. Rio

This one is a post-crime confession delivered after ten years. When Oliver Marks is released from jail, the detective who put him there greets him at the gates ready to finally hear the truth. Ten years ago Oliver Marks was an actor at the Conservatory where art and real life was mixed and mingled till on the opening night it turned into the tragedy forcing Oliver and his six young colleagues to convince the police and even themselves they were innocent.

by Lisa Unger

Two women on the brink of justice and revenge. Claudia Bishop seeks for a fresh start by taking on restoration of an old house. Zoey Drake practices martial arts to beat her horrible childhood memories of home invasion and murder of her parents.The life of two should inevitably intersect because the house Claudia is ready to restore is the same one where Zoey's parents were killed. Are they ready to confront the monsters inside?

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