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Jo Nesbo's 'Blood On Snow' To Be Directed By Tobey Maguire

Step by step Jo Nesbo crime novels turn into movie adaptations. A couple of months ago we have announced the cast of his Hary Hole novel The Snowman starring Micheal Fassbender. His other novel The Son is also on the way for shooting to be produced and starred by Jake Gyllenhaal. And this week we've got yet another confirmation that a famous and admirable actor Tobey Maguire is taking on his directing debut by choosing Jo Nesbo's standalone Blood On Snow.

The story is about a professional fixer Olav who works for a mafia boss in Oslo. When he disobeys his boss and saves his wife instead of killing her, Olav becomes the target himself.

Jo Nesbo agreed to adapt the script himself. The film will be produced by Lawrence Grey (Grey Matter Productions), Tobey Maguire and his partner Matthew Plouffe (Material).


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