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No Laywers On Grisham's Camino Island

Ready for a weekend? Still looking for a gripping novel to engage on the beach? We've got one for you, which will comprise a sunny beach, a thrilling plot and an unexpected ending. It is a still oven-hot novel by John Grisham Camino Island.

For those who write-off Grisham's books as complicated lawyer stuff full of legal terminology and lawsuits, Camino Island might come up as a surprise. As John Grisham tells himself, "While I intend for every novel to be different, and hopefully better, many of the legal thrillers have similar elements and themes. You can count on a bunch of lawyers, of course, and crimes, courts, trials, appeals, and the like. Many of them involve heavy issues such as the death penalty, wrongful convictions, and judicial corruption. Where does Camino Island fit in? Let's just say that my goal was to write a mystery without a single lawyer in it, and I almost succeeded. A couple show up in the last chapter, but only because I had no choice."

There's a robbery below Princeton University’s Firestone Library and the loot is priceless. Bruce Cable has a bookstore on Camino Island but his actual profit comes from selling rare books, including stolen ones. A young novelist Mercer Mann is approached by a mysterious woman and asked to infiltrate the circle of Bruce Cable's literary friends. These three themes soon overlap and Mercer Mann is the one who gets into trouble...

Enjoy your reading!

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