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Top 5 New November Books For Your Spare Time

November doesn't necessarily mean rainy weather, which enables massive book reading under a soft duvet. Though it might be an excellent option. It doesn't matter what you decide to engage in on your dark November evenings - new books are still going to hit the bookstore shelves tempting with their fancy titles. We are offering you Top 5 of the month and hope they will find the way into your spare time one day.

by Nicole Baart

Have you read Big Little Lies? Then you'll definitely enjoy this one by the same auther. After a long time Quinn meets her sister Nora who leaves a girl simply called Lucy and disappears after asking Quinn to keep Lucy safe. Quinn takes care of the girl frightened that something bad might happen to her sister. But she has no idea what Nora has to go through...

by Eliza Maxwell

Henry lives in the woods with his mother and his stepfather supporting the family by selling illegal booze. They have no idea that they are being watched by a girl Eve who dreams about the family. She draws closer and closer until she's accepted by the family. Henry's mother feels sorry for the girl while his father sees only wickedness. Henry welcomes Eve into the family thinking he's going to save her. However, he is so wrong...

by Elizabeth Berg

This is a story about a loving man who fights loneliness and brings happiness to others. Arthur often visits the cemetery to talk with his deceased wife. There he meets a teenage girl called Maddy who hides from school and they tie a bond, which helps them both to escape loneliness. Add Arthur's nosy neighbor Lucille and here we get a sweet loving triplet.

by Casey Barrett

There's another loser detective in town. Once a competitive swimmer aiming at the Olympics, now an unlicensed private investigator Duck Darley is tasked to find a teenage sister of his former teammate. Soon the predetermined runaway is turned into a hunt for a psycho killer, as her friend student is brutally murdered. While searching for Madeline Duck is forced to go back down his memory lane and face his daemons related to the Olympic swimming.

by Satya Nadella

For non-fiction lovers we offer the story of corporate change told by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. It is also the story of his personal journey in a high-tech organization, which still requires humanity and empathy. We all have to hit a refresh button once there's a vital need for transformation in order to achieve more.

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