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Golden Leopard On A Film Hunt In Locarno

Cinema fiesta is back to Switzerland to its annual Locarno Film Festival. The 71th Festival, which will start July 31 with a prefestival free entry of Grease, is going to feature 12 sections, 3 competitions and 25 awards.

Pardo d'oro (Golden Leopard) expects its winner in the International Competition (Concorso Internazionale), which reflects the Festival’s aim to cross and blur boundaries by presenting a stimulating panorama of contemporary auteur cinema, where young talent rubs shoulders with that of established directors.

An ideal arena for discovery, the Concorso Cineasti del presente is dedicated to emerging directors from all over the world and devoted to first and second features.

A crucible of future talent, the Pardi di domani section screens shorts and medium-length films by young independent auteurs or film school students who have not yet tried their hand at feature films. The section has two separate competitions: one limited to recent Swiss productions, the other international, featuring films from all over the world.

However, the general public is excited to return to The Piazza Grande, which invites 8,000 viewers a night. With its giant screen, one of the biggest in Europe, endowed with truly exceptional projection quality, the Piazza Grande is one of the finest open-air venues in the world. This magnificent and unique setting is where every night all the many and diverse festival audiences come together for a big cinematic event. The programming on the Piazza Grande offers prestigious screenings, most of them world, international or European premieres, introduced by the director and the cast.

Moreover, The Piazza Grande audience also serves as the biggest jury on the planet, voting for the renowned Prix du Public UBS (Audience Award).

Discover Locarno Program here.

Golden Leopard is already on the hunt and we''ll going to follow his tracks.


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