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April Top 5 Of New Books

There are books you read in an instant and the ones you struggle through in weeks. There are books with a straightforward storytelling and the ones you are puzzled to grasp. There are books you just love from the first line and the ones you discover later after giving them another thought. So what would you prefer now when rebirth of the nature is at its best simultaneously stirring your inner transformations? In fact, it doesn't matter what you prefer, if only there's still a desire to read. Perhaps our April TOP 5 of new books will satisfy your demand.

by Trent Dalton

This debut novel will please the taste of those who love the novels about adolescents growing up. Twelve-year-old Eli's life in the 80's Australia is complicated. Growing up without his parents and just his drug-dealer stepdad and a notorious felon, Eli has an old soul, an adult mind and a dream of becoming a journalist. But there are real troubles this teenage boy has to overcome first.

by Sally Hepworth

This one is for the fans of a good crime story. Lucy knows that she will never be close with Diane, her mother-in-law. Diana, a role model of the community, was not easy to please. But after ten years Diane is found dead. There's a suicide note but the autopsy states she was suffocated. And, of course, all family members have something to hide...

by Sally Rooney

If you like untangling complex relationships, this novel is right for you. Connell and Marianne pretend to don't know each other at school, though they've already met at Marriane's house and felt a strange connection. They both continue studying at university in Dublin, meet other people but every time are magnetically drawn back to each other. Are they really meant to be together?

by Angie Kim

Are you interested in a courtroom drama? Then this novel by a former trial lawyer will keep you turning the pages. In the small town in Virginia a Korean couple runs an experimental treatment device named Miracle Submarine. But one day it explodes killing two people. Hence the murder trial in order to find out what happened and who is to blame. Is it a mother whose autistic son died in this explosion or the Korean couple themselves? The trial will uncover the unimaginable secrets...

by Mary Norris

We invite our non-fiction fans to discover Greek. No, not Greece and its resorts but the Greek language. Have you ever wondered how the alphabet originated in Greece and how much it helped to form English? The author of this study answers with passion and supplements her explanation with Greek gods, goddesses and wine.

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