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Top 5 Of New January Books For A New Beginning

Do you start with a clean page or would you prefer to call it continuation? Do you measure it in circles or consider staying on the same road for another twelve months? Actually, it does not matter how you treat your reading habits. Years come and go, and you stay accumulating titles of the books read, some of which you revisit occasionally and some of which you sweep under the rug for good. So, here goes January again, as a new start or yet the next step of the overall distance, featuring our Top 5 of new books:

by Jeanine Cummins

Looking for a page-turning drama to start your year with? This novel would be a right choice. Lydia runs a bookstore in Acapulco and leads a satisfactory life together with her beloved son and her husband, a journalist. But one day Javier enters her bookshop and buys a couple of her favourite books. He is charming and educated, however he is also related to a drug cartel that took over the city. When Lydia's husband publishes Javier's profile, the life of all of them is destined to change.

by Diane Chamberlain

Keen on untangling a secret of a murder mystery? Morgan, serving a time in prison, receives an offer with an immediate release: she is hired to restore an old mural in a small town but beneath it she finds a secret painting. Meanwhile decades ago in 1940 Anna wins a contest to paint a mural in the same small town, only she's not aware what awaits her in this community full of secrets. What happened to Anna? Can Morgan discover this with a help of the painting?

by Isabel Allende

How to find home when you're fleeing from it? When General Franco takes over the power in Spain, thousands of people move to the French border to escape the cruel regime. One of them is Roser, a pregnant widow, who together with her husband's brother Victor must bond in a fictitious marriage in order to emigrate to Chile. They start over and face many tests, hoping to go back home again. But sometimes home is much closer than you think...

by Tanen Jones

Love a twisted finale? This crime novel definitely has one. To inherit what her father left, Leslie has to find her sister because they're meant to get it together or don't get it at all. But what to do if your sister is already dead? Leslie meets Mary who resembles her sister Robin very much, so they get a deal. However, no one could have known what could happen when a stranger takes a dead woman's name.

by Chuck Palahniuk

Yes, this is Chuck Palahniuk, only this time he is being featured in a nonfiction section. In his newest book the writer shares his thoughts and advises how to make writing powerful by giving his own examples and those of the other classics, including anecdotes, postcards from the road and much more.

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