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TOP 5 Of New March Book Releases

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Haruki Murakami once stated: "If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking." On the other hand, what's so damaging in reading best-selling books popular with mass audience around the globe? Shouldn't we get acquainted with the common thoughts and perceptions and build our own point of view? There's always a book that has been read by someone else, thus don't bother yourselves with other readers, but delve into the plot and meaning instead. If spring encounters you with bare hands, here's our March TOP of new releases:

by Kate Elizabeth Russell

This debut novel is for those who is keen to explore psychological aspects of intimate relationship between an adolescent and a mature man. In 2000 a fifteen-year-old Vanessa has an affair with her forty-two-year-old English teacher Jacob. Seventeen years later Jacob is accused of sexual abuse by a former student who also contacts Vanessa for support. But how can Vanessa betray what she's thought was her first love? Or maybe her relationship was far different from what she always believed?

by Peter Swanson

If you pick this crime story to read, you'd definitely come up with the whole classic reading list of the best murder mysteries. There was a time when a bookseller and mystery lover Malcolm has made up a list of unsolved murders written in the best books of the genre, which he called "Eight Perfect Murders". But one day an FBI agent knocked on Malcolm's door and informed him about the real murders very similar to the ones on his list. And the agent was not the only one interested in Malcolm, the killer was keeping a close watch, too.

by Lily King

This novel is full of humor and intelligence. Suffering from a sudden death of her mother and a broken love affair, Casey arrives in Massachusetts without a plan. Though waiting tables, at the age of thirty-one she is still determined to live a creative life and finish a novel she's been writing for six years. The efforts to balance between art and the real life finally is going to push Casey to the brink.

by Harlan Coben

The fans of this best-selling author should be content - here's another gripping crime story. Many years ago Wilde was found in the woods as a boy who didn't have any memories of his past. And he still doesn't, therefore he lives alone on the outskirts of the woods. When a local girl goes missing Wilde is called for help. When another teenager disappears, Wilde has to come back to the community where he has never fit in and uncover the secrets.

by Jason Reynolds, Ibram X. Kendi

Our TOP non-fiction entry this time focuses on the construct of race. Though the authors claim it's not a history book, it tells about the development of racist ideas in America and shows why we feel how we feel, including why we still get these racist ideas nowadays and how we can discredit them.

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