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The Oscars And BAFTA Postponed Till April 2021

The Oscars and BAFTA postponed till April 2021

Coronavirus continues its black deeds. Due to the pandemic, the major film festivals and other manifestations of 2020 have been already cancelled or partially transformed into online events. But now it made its first step into 2021. These days the news had come up that the major cinematographic award ceremonies of 2021 have been postponed, too.

First of all, the Academy Awards (the Oscars) have been postponed for two months from February 28 to April 25. Beside that, due to the halted works on a number of films, the organizers have also agreed to extend the eligibility window beyond 31 December 2020 to the end of February.

Following this statement, the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) in order to avoid coinciding two ceremonies together, confirmed April 11 as a new date for their awards. Marc Samuelson, Chair of the Film Committee, commented: “We have pushed back by two months to give all films the best possible chance to be released and considered properly. As cinemas gradually re-open we know that the major releases will dominate screens. Relaxing the scale of theatrical release required, including releases on VOD in some cases, and pushing back the date of the Awards should help the smaller, independent, documentary, foreign language and particularly the British films to be seen in good time for EE British Academy Film Awards in 2021.The date of the 2021 Awards has to be set now to allow distributors to make plans, but the current Awards Review is considering all aspects of the Awards, including the date from 2022, and our relationship to other awards ceremonies.”

Let's hope these are the final revisions and nothing will hinder to hand the well-deserved awards to the winners next April.



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