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TOP 5 Of New July Books For Your Holidays

A couple of days ago we finally met again - us and the sea. That strong aroma of careless holidays in the air mixed with a chit-chatter of the fellow vacationers and a hypnotizing rustling of the sea served as a perfect background for a relaxing reading on a sunbed. Perhaps there's no better combination to deep dive into the novel when you're surrounded by noisy happy people and simultaneously feel so alone in the world. The only necessary condition is to find a really captivating read. If you're still lost what to take with you on your vacation, take advantage of our Top 5 of new July books. There's definitely something special waiting for you:

by David Mitchell

Those who loved Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell should be thrilled to meet the newest creation of this writer. This time the novel is about Utopia Avenue, the British band, which might not ring any bell for you. However, the story of the band involves love, drugs, sex, art, riots in the streets, families, madness, and a lot more.

by Alex North

Not long ago we have chosen Alex North's The Whisper Man for our Top 5, and here he goes again with another gripping crime novel. Charlie Crabtree was a creepy teenager who committed a shocking murder. Paul Adams knew him and his victim, his friend Paul. When after long years he recovers from the tragedy, his sick mother becomes a reason to come back home. Here Paul finds out about another copycat murder and strange things start happening. Because Charlie Crabtree has never been seen after the murder again....

by Stephen Graham Jones

This novel will lead you into the lives of four American Indian men surrounded by creeping horror and dramatic narrative. Something happened when they were young but they are still struggling to stay alive, as their culture and traditions try to come after them in the most revengeful and violent way.

by Alice Feeney

The story is never one-sided, and this one also has two story-tellers. Anna enjoys a brilliant career of a TV presenter at BBC when she's called to cover a murder story in the village where she grew up. Soon she finds out that a murder victim is her childhood friend. Jack is a detective who investigates the murder but he's hiding that he knew the victim and soon might turn into a murder suspect. Who of them two is not telling the truth?

by Jax Miller

Non-fiction lovers might dive into pure documentary, which features a cold case from rural Oklahoma. Jax Miller traveled there to find out what happened in 1999 when two 16-year-old girls went missing after a sleepover, and the trailer they were supposed to be in was burnt down. What she found was police negligence and corruption, mass methamphetamine addiction and a number of interconnected murders with a familiar pattern.


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