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Triangle of Sadness Brought The Second Palme D'Or To Ruben Ostlünd

Cannes are rolling off their red carpet but still racketing about the new holders of Palme d'or and other prizes of the 75th Film Festival. The winner this year wasn't a debutant. The Swedish director Ruben Ostlünd who has already won the Palme d'or in 2017 for his provocative satire The Square triumphed with his new film Triangle of Sadness.

According to Ruben Ostlünd, "At the time I had the impression that auteur filmmaking had become boring. I had the idea of taking up the important themes of our time in a context that makes audiences want to watch the film. We bring the audience in to discuss important themes. The most important question is that of responsibility: how do we build a society together?"

Triangle of Sadness is a class satire that takes place aboard a luxury cruise where a fashion model celebrity couple is invited for free to mingle around the ultra-rich. But when eight people from the liner end up stranded om the desert island, suddenly it-s not important anymore who has billions in their account. The leader of the survivors becomes a savvy toilet cleaner capable of catching the fish or lighting the fire.

A South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-Wook snatched the award for best directing for his film Decision To Leave. Grand Prix was received by two films: Lukas Dhont's Close and Claire Denis' Stars At Noon.

Zar Amir Ebrahimi was handed the Best Actress Award for her role in Holy Spider meanwhile Song Kang Ho won the Best Actor Award for starring in Broker.

See the full list of the winners here.

Last year Palme d'or went to Titane by Julia Ducournau.


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