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Raise your hands who'd like to visit Hollywood and its studios. We'd love to go there, too. But meanwhile there's another place you could visit avoiding a transatlantic flight.

This place is just on the outskirts of Munich (Germany) and is called Bavaria Filmstadt. It is one of the biggest filming sites in Europe with real studios operating on air as well as a film city open to everyone interested in film making. It is fun for families with children, too.

Although it is easy to find, you must have a car to get there, as it is the most convenient measure of transportation, which takes you right to the entrance of the studios. Don't be disappointed to see a line at the entrance, as the ticket offices operate rather slowly but not without a reason: each visitor gets an explicit explanation and directions to navigate throughout the site.

Filmstadt entertainment might be divided into three parts and you can buy a ticket for any of them:

4D Cinema - a short entertaining experience in 30 seat cinema theatre where you can enjoy Wild West mine ride with all its turns, downfalls and water splashes.

The Bullyversum - an interactive adventureworld where you will be engaged in different kinds of activities from a synchronized sound recording of the piece of animation to participation in a show where you can become an actor in TV series (unfortunately, only those with excellent German speaking skills).

The Guided Tour through the Studios - a 90 minute tour with an experienced guide who will lead you to different film-making facilities. In a number of sites you will actually see the effects of a green screen, visit the shooting sites of the well-known movie Das Boot (1981) and Big Game (starring Samuel L. Jackson), try on the role of a weather forecaster in TV studios, fly on the dragon of The Never Ending Story (1984), etc. The only downside is the tour being guided by a German speaking person (there should be an English tour on the high season), nonetheless, most of the time the actual presentation doesn't require knowing German. 

If you have a spare half of the day, don't hesitate and buy a Filmstadt Complete, which comprises all three activities, and try everything. In the end of your tour you'll be provided an opportunity to get your performances copied to a CD, which you can take home as a very jolly memory.

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