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The Olympic Museum


This year all Olympic passion and spirit make an transatlantic jump and land in Rio for the XXXI Olympic Games.


However, before you direct your attention to Brasil, visit The Olympic Museum located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and get acquainted with the rich history of the Olympics from the very beginning.


Situated just across the street from the Lake Leman, surrounded by a beautiful park decorated with sports sculptures, The Olympic Museum offers a possibility to time travel through the ages from the ancient Greece to the special exhibition dedicated to the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


Spread over 3,000 square metres on three levels, The Museum covers three major themes: The Olympic World, The Olympic Games and The Olympic Spirit.

The Olympic World leads the visitors through the first Olympic Games, revealing agenda for each day of the Games, presenting Pierre de Coubertin’s ideas to gather nations together by means of sports competitions and showing the first Olympic flag from 1913 as well as the collection of Olympic torches starting from 1936.


The Olympic Games section comprises everything related to the word "Games" in chronological order: evolution of sports gear and wear for Summer and Winter Olympic Games, comparison of sports that took place in each set of the Games, exhibition of all Olympic mascots, costumes worn during the Opening ceremonies and architectural designs of the stadiums. A space is also devoted to  Paralympic as well as to Youth Olympic Games.


The last part of the museum is the most interactive in order to convey The Olympic Spirit. Converted into the Olympic Village, the exhibition shows the sportsmen's nutrition before, during and after competition, doping control test schemes and invites visitors to try various sports activities, including shooting and skiing for biathlon competition.


The showcase of the Olympic medal sets from 1896 till the last Games concludes the museum exhibition, however, after crossing the finish line you can still feel the Olympic spirit and have a picture with the torch that will eventually ignite the Olympic Games in Rio.


An elegant journey across sports history migh continue outside, in the park, presuming the weather is not the obstacle to your plans.


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