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Carnival of Venice

It‘s Carnival time soon! And the best place to feel the genuine spirit of medieval entertainment and to admire the most beautiful carnival of the world is Venice.


Carnival of Venice welcomes everyone from January 23 till February 9. This year its theme is the following: Creatum introducing Arts and Traditions. St. Mark's Square is going to be filled with mask makers, weavers, as well as tailors and glass-makers in their 18th century Venetian workshops. As stated by the organizers, the St. Mark's Square backdrop will be a frame to a giant living canvas with masks, costumes, and cloths, where the arts of the trades are framed by bursts of a gone-by Venetian life, where theatre and music alternate until a final triumph.


If you immerse into festivities, you can‘t just remain an idly observer. Another moment and you‘re one of the Carnival‘s participants wearing a mask of your own.  On Carnival days the city is swarming with tourists and you easily fall into one big flow, which carries you throughout the narrow streets and channels in search of the unique Venice history.


This is an experience you‘ll never forget. And the pictures taken in the Carnival of Venice will rise in value year after year. At least in the bank of your memories...


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