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The Bridge Will Return For a Fourth Season

It seems that you can’t keep The Bridge out of the headlines for long. A few weeks ago, Kim Bodnia shocked fans in an interview with Israeli TV when he admitted that one of the reasons he left the show was because of the rising anti-Semitism in Malmö. In that same interview he said that he would be open to a return if there ever was a fourth series, which led to the question: will there be a fourth series of The Bridge? Showrunner Hans Rosenfeldt has now given us a definitive answer.

At the end of series three, Sofia Helin wrote an open letter to British fans intimating that her time as Saga Norén had come to an end. She reasoned that playing the socially-challenged Swedish detective had taken its toll. Certainly, at the end of that third series we saw Saga more or less banished from the force and beginning to settle down with new partner Henrik to solve the mystery of his missing family.

So Saga’s future was up in the air. We knew that a decision was to be made this spring (ie. around now) as to whether a fourth series would happen, and showrunner Hans Rosenfeldt has broken the silence by saying, via Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, that “she [Helin] is with us now” and all major cast members are also onboard.

He went onto say:

Everybody is very busy, and they will find space in their calendars for this. But it is going to be realised. I can almost promise it, but I can not say when.We will try to wait not too long, but it probably will not in 2017, but possibly in 2018.

So there will be a bit of a wait until we see that fourth series, but the big news is that it is happening. However, in light of Bodnia’s comments, the same question that preceded series three will precede series four: will Martin be back?


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