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Jo Nesbo's Jackpot Moving To Hollywood

Those who know Jo Nesbo as a prominent crime writer also follow movie adaptations of his novels. TV series Occupied based on the original story by Jo Nesbo have been Norway's most successful and most expensive. Before TV series, there were Headhunters and Jackpot, both with outstanding reviews not just in Norway but worldwide,too. Headhunters are now being remade into HBO TV series. Jackpot, an action comedy originating from the story by Jo Nesbo, had the eyes of Hollywood on, too.

According to, Mila Kunis and Bryan Cranston are attached to star in Jackpot with Will Gluck (Annie) directing. Jennifer Garner is also in talks to join the ensemble. Dave Callaham is scripting the project.This remake of a 2011 Norwegian action comedy directed by Magnus Martens is a story about a man who wakes up in a strip bar clutching a shotgun surrounded by dead men and police guns aimed at him. Production is set to start this summer.

While we wait for a new adaptation, let's have a quick glance at the original Jackpot.

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