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Harry Potter And Other July Reads

Ta-da! It's July and all Harry Potter worldwide fans are sprinting towards the finish where a new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is waving on the other side of the line. That's probably the greatest news for July and the lucky ones have already bought the tickets for its world premiere in London’s West End on 30th July. However, the literary world does not limit itself with his greatness Harry Potter and introduces a number of stunning and engaging novels for a relaxing summer read. As usual, we present you with our TOP 5:

by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, John Tiffany

Meet a grown-up Harry Potter, a diligently servant to the Ministry of Magic and a loving father of three school-age children. The eight book in Harry Potter series is finally coming to the bookstores and - which is a novelty - to the stage. This time its his youngest son Albus who bears the family legacy, which brings only dark connections to the past. We're all excited what's gonna happen next...

by Louise Jensen

Perfect read for psychological thriller lovers. Though the plot doesn't suggest any creative innovations at the first glance, it remains gripping throughout the novel up to the very end. The last time Grace saw her best friend Charlie, the latter tried to confess of something terrible. So after her friend's death Grace starts searching for the answers but instead of them she meets a mysterious Charlie's sister Anne. Grace invites Anne to stay with her and her boyfriend but this is when strange and dangerous things begin to happen...

by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Summertime develops love stories, so why not enjoy reading one? Evie Snow wants to unburden herself of her three secrets. Only this realization comes up when she's already dead at the age of eighty-two and can't overstep the threshold of her private heaven. Suddenly she's twenty-seven again and sets on her lifetime journey to learn and meet her love. Well, obviously, it's never too late, even after death...

by Ruth Ware

One more twisted suspenseful novel for a day on the beach. Travel journalist Lo Blacklock is invited to an exclusive cruise on the North Sea. Luxury journey is already turning boring when accidentally Lo witnesses a woman being thrown overboard. However, everybody else on board acts as nothing has happened. But Lo has to find the truth, though it might turn to be twisted and dangerous.One states the novel is written in Agatha Christie's style.

by Dean Burnett

If you're not into a romance or a thriller, consider exploring your own brain. Written by a neuroscientist, the book explains our brain's blackouts, insomnia or other messy patterns and discloses our mistakes while trying to understand how the brain actually works. And it even has the answer whether alcohol can really improve your memory.

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