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Meet The Last Day Of Summer Captured On The Screen

Oh, well, tomorrow is the last day of summer. No matter how romantic it might sound, it brings back sadness and nostalgia of already passing into history summer. We suddenly had a thought, if there was at least one film titled The Last Day/Days of Summer to perpetuate this emotional moment familiar to millions of us.

This is what we found and probably would suggest watching tomorrow in a cozy atmosphere of summer fading away:

It's a British TV film featuring the late 1960s in the Berkshire countryside. It tells about the friendship between a young boy Tom still grieving for his dead parents and Jenny who joins the commune opened in Tom's parents' house by his older brother Pete. Time passes peacefully until this last day of summer...

This film is a comedy, which tells a story of an 11-year-old Luke who wishes to relive his last day of summer and his wish comes true. But perhaps it's not such a brilliant thing to relive again and again...

Yet another comedy whose hero Joe, a fast-food employee, decides to take revenge on his boss for all the harassment on the last summer day but kidnaps a beautiful girl instead.

It's a rather new film released only in August. It tells a story of a middle-aged man whose steady life is being rampaged by a young couple who settles in the neighbourhood.

Know more films under the same title, share them with us in the Comment section (titles of TV series episodes don't count).

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