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TOP 5 Books For Your Cozy September Evenings

All summer readings put away, back to the routine September. Though for a true reader any season is good for book friendship. Cozy autumn evenings are meant for a cup of tea and a gripping novel. Therefore, we have selected Top 5 new September publications for your attention:

by Ian McEwan

There's a new fashion to write a novel in different perspectives, the story being told by two or more characters. However, this one has gone beyond this. It is told by a soon-to be-born baby from his mother's womb. However, his mother has betrayed his farther and now she has a plan to cover things up...

by Anna Snoekstra

Crime and thriller lovers should enjoy this one. Rebecca disappears when she's sixteen. Eleven years later she's replaced and returned to the family. Soon a new Rebecca starts to feel that those who made a real Bec disappear, are still around her. The web of lies will keep you doubting till the final page.

by Ann Patchett

Four parents and six children intermixed. Ignited by a trivial infidel kiss, the story turns into a saga, though not in order and with decades of life and events missing. Leading throughout the chain of guilt and forgiveness, this novel is full of humor and sensitivity, which makes it truly human and believable.

by David Casarett

There were detectives - journalists, doctors and secret agents. But now meet Ladarat Patalung - the first nurse detective from Thailand. When a young woman brings her dying husband to Ladarat's hospital, the guard remembers that the same woman has brought another man not long ago claiming he was also her husband. And now both husbands are dead and Ladarat suspects a serial killer has invaded her hospital... This is the first crime novel in new nurse detective series.

by Benjamin K. Bergen

This time non-fiction book lovers are presented with the big F. If you'd like to know why and how we swear (and we all do!), this book is a must. You'll know that swearing might even be useful, as it helps explaining how our brain processes languages and why they vary across the world and time.

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