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Trick Or Treat In The Actual Halloweentown

All supernatural creatures are almost ready for their great entrance on the Halloween night. But imagine what might be happening in the actual Halloweentown. In case, you weren't aware, such town really exists in Oregon, USA.

For those who used to watch Disney Channel in the end of the last century, the title Halloweentown should ring a bell. In 1998 the film under the same title hit TV screens and turned into the series followed by next three fantasy horror Halloweentown movies. They tell a story of a girl who find out she's a witch and takes it as an advantage to help protecting her town from all kinds of evil supernatural creatures.

Of course, there's no Halloween town in Oregon but there's St Helen where most of the scenes were shot for the movie. That's why every year this town sets up an entire replica of Halloweentown and invites lots of visitors wishing to celebrate the spookiest night of the year on the authentic ground.

Decorated town organizes various competitions and dress-ups, with a special pumpkin lighting ceremony (the same pumpkin from the movie!). Each October weekend there's jolly entertainment offered to those coming to breathe in the creepy atmosphere of famous Halloweentown.

Click here for more information on this year's celebration. Maybe it's not too late to mingle in the monster crowd of Halloweentown.

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