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Mysterious Comeback of Twin Peaks

This week the biggest news was the return of Twin Peaks and its teaser-trailer. However, the obscurity around the renewal of these mystic TV series directed by David Lynch keeps lingering in the air:

1. The most urgent question is "When will we finally see it on TV?". The answer is sometime in 2017, as the initial forecast for the first half of 2017 has been lately postponed to the early side of mid-year and this is not yet a deadline.

2. The very structure and volume of TV series is also uncertain. Firstly it was stated that there would be nine episodes in total. Later some of the crew members disclosed that there were going to be 18 episodes. However, this number is still neither confirmed, nor denied.

3. There's still no explanation what the new Twin Peaks plot will be about. It is clear that it's not going to be a remake. It's kind of a sequel with action taking place 25 years later after the initial Twin Peaks events. An upcoming book by Mark Frost called The Secret History of Twin Peaks should reveal some of the clues.

4. Nostalgia for Twin Peaks is directly linked to its perfect cast, starting, of course, with Kyle MacLachlan who skillfully personified Agent Cooper. It is confirmed along with other old faces that he'd definitely have a stand in the new episodes but the full cast has been disclosed not so long ago. "Those who want to see old faces, and those would like to see new faces, none of them will be disappointed," promises Mark Frost.

5. And finally when the first rumours of a possible comeback of Twin Peaks started hovering in the air, there were speculations that David Lynch wouldn't be directing the new release. Though now it is crystal clear that Twin Peaks is totally under direction of this famous artist.

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