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Make It Spooky For Your Team

Halloween night might not necessarily be linked only to the 'trick or treat" entertainment. The whole Halloween period could be also used for corporate purposes, e.g. as a stalking-horse for an engaging team-building.

"...Most importantly, the guests don’t know where exactly they’re going – the location is kept secret. The trip itself isn’t a smooth ride. First, the guests reach a crime scene and can’t proceed down this particular road; the police officers tell the driver to turn into a mud road. Next, the bus passes several cannibals hiding in the roadside bushes or behind the trees. Finally, the bus driver decides to give a lift to a mysterious hitchhiker – a local who tells the passengers ghastly stories..."

Want to read more on what's going to happen to the poor guests? Open up our section of Party Specials and find the script called Crazy in the Dark. Feel free to take advantage of our event ideas and complete descriptions.

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