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Top 5 Books To Look For In November

Expecting November rain or - even worse - November sleet might hurt your inner spirits. Lost sunshine and days that never hit the dawn are like a continuous mourning for the last warmness slipping away. But this isn't going to happen to the true readers who are waiting for new releases and new experiences despite any weather conditions. Especially when November is rich with best-selling authors and their new engaging reads.

Here is our November's TOP 5:

by J.K. Rowling

The famous Harry Potter creator has moved to another literary genre since last summer. Now her books are not the novels but screenplays. The fans were expecting Fantastic Beasts on the screen this month but they are also going to get its original screenplay in hard cover. Magizoologist Newt Scamander plans a short stop in New York but when his fantastic beasts escape he must stick to a rather different agenda...

by Stephenie Meyer

This author is well-known to crime novel lovers and her new book is destined to be a page-turner, too. It's no news when the main character is striving to clear his/her name and save his/her life. Nevertheless the novel is gripping and perfect for a cold November weekend. An ex-agent of some secret US governmental agency is running from her employer. In order to survive, she must apply her unique talents and don't trust anyone.

by Michael Chabon

A Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon comes back with one more masterpiece. This time he links recollections heard from his dying grandfather with pure fiction to describe the whole era through the life of a single man. It is a confession of a dying man referred to as "my grandfather" told to his grandson. It reveals well kept secrets and lies told. These memoirs are considered "Chabon at his most daring, his most moving, his most Chabonesque".

by Jayne Ann Krentz

Though the title states otherwise, apparently not all the "girls" have already gone. Exploiting the famous title the best-selling New York Times author offers yet another thriller with the girls involved. Charlotte Sawyer cannot reach her step-sister Jocelyn: she has simply vanished. With a help of PI Max Cutler who desperately needs a new job Charlotte unfolds the threads of Jocelyn past, which turns to be a dangerous exercise.

by Fannie Flagg

This novel is based on an eternal theme of the living and the dead and what's in-between. But with a very humorous touch. In a small town of Elmwood Springs, Missouri, something strange is happening at the cemetery. It is meant to be still but it is quite opposite. The writer tells a moving story of life and afterlife featured in this small town.

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