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What's Your Purpose, Justin?

If you‘d wish to scan through the new 11-17 year old female generation, follow Justin Bieber‘s Purpose World Tour. Probably the only representatives of the opposite sex there are those backing-up Justin Bieber himself on stage.

Luckily for Bieber such audience isn‘t into his music but into him. For a more sophisticated fan would have never forgiven him such neglect and non-engagement in front of the audience. It felt like watching an incredibly great show with all the lights, fireworks, stunning video projections, smoke, flying cages and even a hanging trampoline accompanied by skillful back-up dancers but with a stiff, senseless and perhaps deadly tired main character who‘s only desire is to get back to his hotel room as soon as possible, cover himself with soft bed-sheets and disconnect.

Assisted by a phonogram Justin Bieber haven‘t even bothered to put a microphone to his mouth during most of the songs, though his singing voice filled up the arena. His involvement into dancing episodes usually was also limited to some basic movements, though he definitely has advanced dancing skills. Well, perhaps with the exception on the trampoline where Justin had a pleasure to perform a couple of somersaults.

A lyrical acoustic two-song part on the coach playing a guitar was presumably meant to demonstrate Bieber‘s as a musician‘s skills (he has been playing a drum part in one of the other songs, too) and to melt the hearts of his young girl fans. However, even this pure moment was spoiled with not always a spot-on playing and not such a strong voice... and the audience looking forward for more beat, rhythm and entertainment.

Well, perhaps some performers are destined for records and videos but not the big stage. Unless they‘re charming and handsome and indecently young. Though 20 years older members of Placebo also manage to get full arenas across the world with yet another qualities, a real feeling included.

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