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The Day To Bring Old Conspiracies Back

Today is exactly the same day when America encountered the tragic moment it hasn't still been able to recover of. 53 years ago, on November 22, 1963 the President J. F. Kennedy has been assassinated in Dallas giving way to all kinds of conspiracy theories and yet remaining the greatest murder mystery.

However this very factor predetermined the best conditions for movie adaptations unraveling the known facts and the established theories to build up solid drama on screens.

Taking advantage of this tragic date, we recommend you the best dramas contemplating on the topic of JFK assassination. Hopefully the one of them would occupy your Tuesday evening:

1. JFK (1991) directed by Oliver Stone

2. PARKLAND (2013) directed by Peter Landesman

3. IN THE LINE OF FIRE (1993) directed by Wolfgang Petersen

4. INTERVIEW WITH THE ASSASSIN (2002) directed by Neil Burger

5. KILLING KENNEDY (2013) directed by Nelson McCormick

6. EXECUTIVE ACTION (1973) directed by David Miller

7. RUSH TO JUDGEMENT (1966) documentary directed by Emile de Antonio

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