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Green Day Conquers Fans On Revolution Radio Tour

©Era Kan. Green Day in Milan

Full arena chanting every song and waiting for any tiny encouragement of their American Idol. Perhaps it's a routine for Green Day set on their Revolution Radio Tour. But for each member of a numberless audience it's a crazy and wild chill out.

Such a high level of audience's engagement wasn't built in one day. Green Day with its leader Billie Joe Armstrong started their journey towards success in 1986 and had its own ups and downs. But probably punk rock finds its way to the minds and hearts of every generation, as the crowds of teenagers still represent the hottest of the group's fans.

Moreover, they have no fare and feel free to sing Green Day's songs on stage together with Billie Joe or even take on his guitar and accompany him. And feeling encouraged jump straight into the crowd afterwards.

Green Day doesn't need any fancy stage decorations or screen installations. They grip audience's attention with their music, which you instantaneously accept as the real one. Hence such a wild public support, thousands of hands waving to the beat and thousands of voices ready to respond to Armstrong's command. Well, a huge load of fireworks doesn't spoil the show either.

Revolution Radio Tour rolls further to the other stages and arena's in Europe and then back in the USA. This almost 2,5 hour performance is a perfect dose of high emotions, which are still well endure over a couple of nights. Lucky those who are yet to see the show!

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