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Top 5 Books To Look For In February

Let's be honest, how many books have you read in January despite your New Year's resolutions? Don't worry we are here not to judge you but to offer new February releases, which you could add to your never-ending reading list. The last month of winter should provide you with some spare time dedicated to the joys of reading before spring allures you outside. Take a look at out TOP 5 for February:

by Claire Fuller

Every marriage has its own troubles but only Ingrid Coleman sees such an unreal way out. She writes the letters to her husband Gil but instead of sending them, she hides them in his books. After her final letter, Ingrid disappears on the beach, leaving her husband and two daughters. Twelve years later Gil thinks he saw her wife from a bookshop window but he cannot trust his sight anymore. Ingrid's daughter Flora has never believed her mother drowned, however she has no idea that all answers are around her hidden in the books...

by Bethany Blake

Crime fiction and pet lovers get two in one in this novel. Bethany Blake starts a new series Lucky Paws Petsitting Mysteries by presenting a pet sitter Daphne Templeton. When the owner of dog training academy is found dead, Daphne's sister becomes the prime suspect. Being sure that her sister is innocent, Daphne is determined to find the real killer with the help of her four-footed assistants: a taciturn basset hound Socrates and a hyperactive one-eared Chihuahua named Artie.

by Viet Thanh Nguyen

The Pulitzer Prize Winner for his novel The Sympathizer, Viet Thank Nguyen returns with a collection of stories about immigration, family and love accumulated during twenty years. What happens when you leave your homeland for another country, what is self-fulfillment and how we strive to define our lives: fascinated stories of immigrants reveal their hardships and dreams.

by Karen Brown

Psychological suspense fans will love it. Martha Mary has a mystic gift. As a child she sees ghosts around her family house by the sea. When she moves to the college, she hopes that her childhood spirits had left her for good. Martha Mary starts her new normal life, disinterested in flyers calling for help to find a disappeared young woman. But one day Martha notices the missing girl outside her window with her hair coated with ice...

by Doug Mack

For those who prefer non-fiction, we suggest to take a geography test and answer how much you know about American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If the answer is "a little", this book by Dough Mack will definitely broaden your knowledge on the territories where 4 million people are almost forgotten as the part of the USA.

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