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In February All Masks Meet In Venice

If you're wearing a mask every day, you've reached a right season. From now till the beginning of March you are not only free to mingle with the crowd but to even receive thumbs up. Because it is the time for Carnival!

While Rio engulfs the mass of bronze skinned cheerful samba dancers, Venice is the place where the most elegant Carnival draws millions of people into this city on water. It is one of the most spectacular events of the year. And if you're still thinking about your weekend plans for the rest of February, here's the idea.

The Carnival of Venice invades the city on February 11-28. From Best Mask Contest to street parades and private Mask Balls: a great number of performances is going to entertain the public. Just click here to review the whole program or events on a certain date.

The following video will provide you with a general idea how the Carnival of Venice looks like:

If you're tempted to go, just use our advice - put your mask on!

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