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The Orwell Prize 2017 Announces Its Longlist

What is the most unexpected comeback of the novel the readers around the globe experienced in the end of the last year? Thanks to the current political situation in the world, George Orwell's dystopia1984 has beaten all the records. However, it's not only the novel that relives its renaissance. Have you been aware that The Orwell Prize is Britain’s most prestigious prize for political writing?

Every year, The Orwell Prize is awarded for the work which comes closest to George Orwell’s ambition "to make political writing into an art". The Prize was established in its present form by the late Professor Sir Bernard Crick in 1994, "to encourage writing in good English – while giving equal value to style and content, politics or public policy, whether political, economic, social or cultural – of a kind aimed at or accessible to the reading public, not to specialist or academic audiences".

The longlist of the books claiming to win the Prize has just been announced:

On 15th May the shortlist of the books will be announced at a special event followed by the Award ceremony on 8th June. Last year The Orwell Prize was awarded to The Invension of Russia by Arkady Ostrovsky.

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