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Twin Peaks Leaves A Tiny Slot Into It's Season 3

Twin Peaks mania comes back live, as the time of the premier season 3 countdowns its last month. Remaining mysterious and succinct David Lynch is more than scarce with the details about the plot, the cast and other stuff related to the TV show. Even the teaser trailers do not grant any new sneak peeks into Twin Peaks 3.

Last weekend the newest of them has been released telling the whole story of the previous plot titled The Darkness of Future Past. It is a mixture of two last seasons and the prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. However, if you are a perspicacious viewer, you'll get to notice something new in the end.

Exactly. It is the forest, which is a hint to the upcoming series.Though it doesn't provide any clue about the story we're about to witness, let's hope the sequel won't disappoint us after such a long teasing period.

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