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Top 5 New July Books To Extend Your Summer Days

One gone, two more two go. Summer days and nights are running wild as always. One way to slow them down is to emerge into the literary world and fall into oblivion. If you still looking for a cool book to take with you to the beach, to the woods or to your backyard, here's our TOP 5 of new releases for July.

by Zinzi Clemmons

Vogue calls this novel "The debut novel of the year". It tells about a young African - American woman Thandi who feels outside any group of society and lives with her mother. When her mother dies from cancer Thandi is forced to change her life and find somebody else to love. The novel explores what it is to live after loss, contemplating on the themes of race, identity, family and country.

by Riley Sager

Thriller fans are going to love this one. Ten years ago Quincy was the only survivor of the massacre, which happened during her vacation with four other friends. This gave her a ticket to a group of similar survivors called Final Girls. But they have never met each other face-to-face. Quincy is doing fine and forgetting her past until one day Lisa, the first Final Girl, is found dead and the other one Sam is on Quincy's doorstep. What are Sam's intentions and what really happened ten years ago?

by Gin Phillips

The novel demonstrates a special bond between a mother and a son. Joan and her four-year old son are almost at the gates of the zoo just before its closure time. But there's something Joan sees that makes her turn back and hurry into the zoo. She keeps running for three hours - the entire time framework of the novel. To survive and to protect the one you love the most. Is there a real boundary separating these two acts?

by B.A. Paris

This easy-reading crime story will introduce you to Cass who has lost her calmness after she went into the woods and saw a woman in the car - the one who has been killed. Of course, she did nothing and told nobody. But now Cass can't help thinking she could have saved that woman. Simultaneously she starts forgetting things and has a feeling that someone is watching her...

by Amy Ettinger

This non-fiction book should be popular in summer, as it tells a history of ice-cream in America. The journalist Amy Ettinger explores the evolution of ice-cream by visiting ice-cream makers, exploring their competition, development of crazy flavors and obsession of Americans with this sweet treat. Just make sure you have ice-cream provisions in your fridge - the desire will definitely rise while reading.


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