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August Top 5 Books To Extend Your Summer

One more month of sun and blue skies and holidays. Or perhaps it's all left only in fine memories. Nevertheless a pleasure of reading might still be vibrant in any case. Have you progressed with your summer reading list? Look out, as we're adding our TOP 5 August new releases, which seem tempting and definitely not to miss.

by Tom Perrotta

The novel should appeal to those who love a sharp and witty style. Mrs. Fletcher is a forty-six-year-old divorcee with a managing job and the only son who just left for college. One night she receives a message "U R my MILF!", which she can't just throw out of her head and which leads her to some porn website. A quiet suburban life of Mrs. Fletcher is about to shatter. Meanwhile her son faces challenges at college where his chauvinistic sex ideas are no longer in fashion. How mother and son are going to deal with uncomfortable situations related to sexuality and identity?

by Karin Slaughter

Good news for Karin Slaughter fans. Her new novel is not a Will Trent sequel but introduces a new heroine Charlie Quinn who's a young lawyer with a tragic past. The novel has its own pre-history and we recommend to start with a short story titled Last Breath first.Twenty-eight years ago there was a terrible attack on Charlie's home and her mother was killed. Now the terror comes back to this small town and Charlie is the first to witness the crime scene. Memories of the past emerge again bringing in twists and turns in Karin Slaughter's style.

by Gabriel Tallent

This debut novel is going to turn into success. A fourteen-year-old Turtle Alveston lives an isolated life with her farther after her mothers death. Although she has vast areas of woods to wonder and is brought as a real survivor, her social life is limited to everyday routine at a middle-school and a company of her farther. But one day she meet a high-school boy Jacob who shows her a larger world. Inspired by this new friendship Turtle starts to plot an escape by using the same survival skills that once kept her safe from the outer world.


Suspense thriller lovers should grab this one. Officer Miranda Rader is an honest and trustworthy person but she has a well-hidden secret past. One day she and her partner are called to investigate the murder of a college professor but the horror of a murder scene is not everything that shocks Miranda. There's a newspaper clipping beside the body telling about the terrible event in Miranda's past. Soon it becomes clear that Miranda is the only one connecting the present and the events that occurred fourteen years ago.

by Scott Bembenek

Non-fiction fans are offered an opportunity to explore the history of scientific inquiries. The author of the book attempts to answer the questions how the major scientific discoveries have shaped the world we are living today. It's a perfect blend of science, history and biographies, which inspire curiosity and passion about the world around us.


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