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Jubilee Pardo D'Oro Travels From Locarno To China

Photo: Locarno Festival/Sailas Vanetti

The 70th cinema fiesta is leaving Locarno. After 10-day marathon of festival screenings and intense Jury work the awards finally were announced and distributed followed by the applause of thousands of cinema fans.

This year the International competition ended in a kind of unexpected way, as the Pardo d'oro (the Grand Prix) of the festival landed in the hands of a Chinese director Wang Bing for his documentary Mrs. Fang, which portraits death by showing the last ten days of an elderly Chinese farmer.

Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra's As Boas Maneiras (Good Manners) won the Special Jury Prize.

F.J. Ossang was awarded for Best Direction for his 9 Doights, Isabelle Huppert became the Best Actress for her role in Madame Hyde, and Elliott Crosset Hove - the Best Actor for Vinterbrødre (Winter Brothers).

Click here to see all Locarno Festival Awards.

Join the Locarno cinephiles - make your own wishlist and enjoy the art of cinematography!


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