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TOP 5 New September Books To Read And Enjoy

How many books have you read during summer? Not all of them you planned to? It's not your fault - it's this summer always running away too soon. In any case, who puts a pleasure of reading on schedule? Normally, it's just a reading list, which gets longer and longer. And we are here to help you to extend it even more, as our TOP 5 new September publications are worthy your attention and engagement.

by Salman Rushdie

There's a new novel by this famous writer offering a masterful storytelling. A real-estate tycoon Nero Goldman moves to Manhattan with his three sons right after Barack Obama's inauguration. His story is told by his neighbor René, a filmmaker, who observes all this life of money, fashion, quarrels, women and even murder. Rushdie depicts the last eight years of American spirit tangled in truth, terror and lies.

by Harlan Coben

Coben is well-known to crime novel lovers. And here goes his new novel! Nap Dumas is a detective who once lost his twin brother on the railroad tracks in a senior year of the high school. His girlfriend Maura broke with him and disappeared right afterwards. Fifteen years later Maura's fingerprints are found in the car of a suspected murderer. Of course, the recent case will lead Nap to his brother's death revealing the truth ten times darker.

by Jesmyn Ward

This novel is a valuable contribution to American literature. Already a National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward comes back with another piece of literary art describing the rural 21st century America. Jojo and his toddler sister Kayla live with their grandparents and a drug-addict mother. They are struggling to survive each day but when Jojo and Kayla's farther is released from prison, their mother packs them into her car and leaves for the journey full of danger.

by Kate Moretti

If you adore suspense and plot twists, this new Moretti's novel will suit your taste. In a Pennsylvania town a thousand dead starlings fall onto a high school baseball field. By investigating this strange phenomenon one of the reporters notices a baseball coach Nate embracing a student Lucia in front of a motel, though he is known as a respectable family man in the town. Soon afterwards Lucia declares that they are a couple and... disappears. When Nate is called a suspect, his co-worker Bridget is determined to prove his innocence.

by Manoush Zomorodi

If you are bored with the above mentioned selection, grab this one. It's a non-fiction study about the obvious connection between boredom and original thinking and how to live better in a digital world. Haven't you noticed that your mind wanders when you're doing nothing, generating a chain of unbelievable ideas? Then "doing nothing" definitely leads towards creativity.


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