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Top 5 October New Books With Tom Hanks As A Debut Author

How do you choose what to read? Is it a neatly made up list, which you honestly follow no matter what? Or do you mix-up cards by putting aside a half-read novel to direct your attention towards something fresh, more intriguing and widely advertised? Or perhaps you select your book on a spur of the moment by following your inner demand? There's no one right way to do it - that is for sure and who really needs it? Therefore, you are welcome to look through our TOP 5 new books to be published in October and put them on your reading list or grab and read instantaneously. Enjoy!

by Tom Hanks

Finally it's here - a debut short story book written by the very Tom Hanks! His seventeen short stories are depending on your judgement. But the reviews are already praising the famous actor for his brilliant writing skills. They say that the short stories are intelligent, heartwarming and surprising. If you are a true Tom Hanks fan, don't hesitate to to read his first collection!

by T.R. Ragan

Meet Jessie Cole. It is the first crime novel in the best-selling author's series starting with the engaging plot.PI Jessie's younger sister has disappeared and Jessie is obsessed with a mission to find her. Meanwhile a crime reporter Ben Morison suffers from amnesia caused by a car accident. Everything he remembers is Jessie's sister but he doesn't know why. There's also a serial murderer called Heartless Killer who circles around and connects both Jessie and Ben even further.

by Sandi Ward

Have you ever read a story from a cat's perspective? Well, this is the whole novel describing one family issues from a cat's point of view. Boo has its human mother and companion Carrie. But one day Carrie walks away leaving her husband and children. Worrying about who's going to take care of its daily routine, Boo also tries to unveil why Carrie left. Perhaps cat's eyes see much better and deeper than ours...

by Liv Constantine

Eager for unexpected plot twists? Then this one is for you. A debut psychological thriller introduces the reader to a young woman Amber Patterson who longs for a luxury life but feels like a nobody. Finally she succeeds to enter the life of a golden couple from Connecticut - Daphne and Jackson Parrish - and becomes their confidante. They even take her together on their trip to Europe. But suddenly Amber is troubled how to keep her own skeleton in a closet from falling down and shattering such carefully plotted plans.

by Caitlin Doughty

Those who prefer non-fiction to imaginary stories might find this book creepy and even fairy. How do different cultures treat their dead? Caitlin Doughty has travelled the world looking for fascinating facts. Could you imagine your mummified grandfather staying with you in the same room for two years after his death? Rural dwellers of Indonesia take it for granted. You are invited to an intriguing journey around death rituals, which do exist even nowadays.


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