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Fight Club Author To Release His Offensive Adjustment Day

Chuck Palahniuk, the author of unforgettable Fight Club, cruel Invisible Monsters and sensational Beautiful You, is coming back on May 1, 2018 with his new novel Adjustment Day. After four years of silence Chuck is ready to entertain his readers with a story "perfect for our era".

As stated in the press release by W.W. Norton & Company, "Adjustment Day blows past all previous markers for impropriety with a brilliant, hilarious, and outrageous story that is perfect for our era. Every reader, of every stripe, will find something in Adjustment Day that is as profoundly wise, funny, and affecting as it is offensive. And, make no mistake, everyone will be offended."

In addition to Adjustment Day, Dark Horse Comics will be releasing the paperback edition of the Fight Club 2 graphic novel as well!

The most impatient fans can start pre-ordering the novel on Amazon.

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