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Elena Ferrante Prepared For A Comeback?

Reliable sources say Elena Ferrante, the famous anonymous author of the Neapolitan series, is writing again. And this is not a screenplay for the adaptation of her My Brilliant Friend and other three novels that form the highly appraised quartet.

While transformed into TV series the Neapolitan novels are going to be aired on Italian RAI and American HBO, there's something else Ferrante is also working on. However, as confirmed by Sandro Ferri, the head of the publishing house Edizioni E/O, there are no plans to publish a new Elena Ferrante novel in 2018.

Last year the investigative journalist Claudio Gatti revealed a possible true identity of Elena Ferrante by stating that actually she is Anita Raja, a translator from Rome. Since this revelation there was no news about the writer's intentions to continue her literary work.


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