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December TOP 5 Of Books For You And Your Christmas List

Who is lucky to find time to delve into the pleasures of literature during this crazy Christmas season? When to-do before Christmas list expands every second, it's not easy to steal an hour or two for an enjoyable read. Nevertheless, new books never stop being published. If it's not for you then it might turn into an excellent Christmas present you're still looking for. So check it out our TOP 5 for December:

by Fiona Mozley

This debut novel is a 2017 Man Booker Prize finalist. The story is told from a perspective of Daniel whose family moves to a little house in Elmet and hopes of a self-sufficient and safe life. However, the story is already told after a catastrophic event. All evil starts with a show-up of the landowner and the reaction of two member of the family ignites a chain of violent events and deprives of a happy ending...

by John Marrs

Laura works at a help line and talks to people in need but she's not inspiring a hope in them - she wants them to die. One day she receives a desperate call from Ryan who just can't understand why his pregnant wife killed herself together with some stranger. Ryan has no idea how close he is to the truth and how easy to get away with murder when you're a Good Samaritan...

by Laura Lee Smith

It's all about family matters. Johnny MacKinnon is in trouble. The business he's running is about to close. Moreover, his collapse on the floor indicates that possibly a brain tumor is to blame. Plus his relationship with his son is totally ruined. But with such a diagnosis maybe there's nothing more to lose and Johnny attempts to re-build the bridge with his son once again.

by Joanna Schaffhausen

The fans of thrillers with serial killers will love this one. Ellery Hathaway is a police officer in a quiet Woodbury but nobody knows what she's been through years ago. She's been the only victim of a serial killer who survived. But now people start disappearing on the same day she was taken by the killer and nobody believes in this connection, except the FBI agent Reed Markham who rescued her from the closet many years ago. However was she really saved?

by Johnny Ball

If you'd never had a chance to hear a history of mathematics, this new book is for you. The author introduces the reader to the world of numbers and shapes, which underwent evolution of knowledge up to new modern technologies. The book also tells the incredible stories of well-known personalities linked to one or another mathematical phenomenon. Written in an easy and engaging style this book should appeal to everyone, even to those who are lost among numbers.

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