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Best Books Of 2017 By The New York Times

When the year is closing in, it's high time to start collecting and announcing the best of the best. Tops for any kind of activity germinate one by one like mushrooms after the rain presenting Top movies, cars, songs, quotes, travel destinations and, of course, books. From every publishing house to respective critics, everybody is entitled to make a list of the best books and share it with the audience.

We don't think of it as a bad idea. For readers it's an additional chance to compare their reading experience of the year or take on a radar unfamiliar titles. Therefore, today we focus on The New York Times and their choice of The 10 Best Books as well as 100 Notable Books of 2017. We are flattered that a great majority of 10 Best Books have been already listed in our Top 5 of the month.

Click the links below to get acquainted with selected titles:


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