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Starting A Reading Challenge With Our Top 5 January New Books

Let's draw the line and start all over again. We're absolutely sure you made a new promise to read more this year. Perhaps even agreed to a certain reading challenge. Actually it doesn't matter whether you're going to keep your promise. The most important thing is to continue admiring a scent of a freshly published book in a bookstore and dreaming of a cup of tea cuddled in your bed with a novel in your hands. Meanwhile we'll ensure you hear about the most recent releases through our TOP5 of the month.

Here we go for this January:

by Leni Zumas

In this fashionable dystopian literature period, this novel will definitely find its honourable place. America once again considers abortions illegal, prohibits in-vitro fertilization and grants a right to live to every embryo. Five women living in a small fishing town in Oregon must adopt and survive in this unimaginable environment. Found in a complicated situation each of her own, they bring their fates together.

by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

This one is a psychological thriller, which has already been sold in 30 countries and won a novel of the month titles. As it is recommended, don't you dare make any assumptions while reading this book. Because you'll going to hate the first jealous wife and justify her husband marrying a girl who loves him. However, is this the real picture or just the fact that we often ignore the truth in the name of love?

by Chloe Benjamin

Would you be tempted to know the day you'll die? And how would it change your current life, your choices and decisions? This novel carries the reader back to 1969. A mystic psychic comes to New York and claims to be capable of telling the exact date of one's death. Four teenagers decide to hear theirs and then go on with their lives already knowing the prophesy for five upcoming decades...

by A.J. Finn

Back to crime thrillers. Anna haven't left her home for ten months. She watches her neighbors through the window and slowly passes her days. Not until the Russels move in. At first glance, they are a normal family of three. But one day Anna hears a scream and sees something she wasn't supposed to see. What did she see?

by Daniel H. Pink

We often hear a phrase "a perfect timing". But how do we know exactly when this timing is really perfect? This non-fiction study offers an exhaustive explanation based on the research from psychology, biology and economics how to unlock the secrets of good timing claiming that it is a true science.


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