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Read Her First Column! Elena Ferrante To Debut As A Columnist

While the fans were waiting for a new novel, Elena Ferrante decided to become a columnist and signed a deal with Guardian's Weekend. According to the Guardian, "author of bestselling Neapolitan novels says she was keen to test herself with the ‘bold, anxious exercise’ of writing regular pieces for the magazine."

One of the world’s most influential people in 2016 by Time magazine, and one of the highest-earning literary novelists in the UK in 2017, Elena Ferrante enthralled her audience by four subsequent novels telling a story of two friends in a post-war southern Italy from their childhood to senior years. However, the most intriguing facts was her anonymity, supposedly revealed last year by the investigative journalist Claudio Gatti who stated that actually she was Anita Raja, a translator from Rome. Since this revelation there was no news about the writer's intentions to continue her literary work.

And now Ferrante announces her comeback as a columnist. The Guardian informs that " Ferrante will share her thoughts on a wide range of topics, including childhood, ageing, gender and, in her debut article, first love. After the Guardian approached her with the idea, Ferrante said she was “attracted to the possibility of testing myself” with a regular column, and called the experience “a bold, anxious exercise in writing”. The column will be translated by Ferrante’s regular collaborator Ann Goldstein."

On January 20, Elena Ferrante has published her first column, recalling her first love. Click here to read the whole column.



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