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June Top 5 Of New Books With Genuine Feelings and Pure Suspense

Do you read more or do you read less in summer? Is this the season when you forget all literary pleasures and indulge in all outdoor activities? Or, on the contrary, do you take your time to reduce your reading list to the minimum? In any case there's always a cozy summer evening when everything you need is a soft cushion, a glass of excellent wine and an engaging book to read. So take a couple of minutes and get acquainted with our June TOP 5 of new books. Who knows, maybe you'll find here exactly what you need for that special evening.

by Fatima Farheen Mirza

Those who are looking for an affectionate story with family life, love and questions of identity and belonging, should definitely pick up this debut novel. It tells a story about an American - Indian Muslim family, which gathers at the wedding of the oldest daughter. The narrative spreads through decades told by different members of the family demonstrating their bonds and differences coming from old traditions and present culture.

by B.A. Paris

If you enjoyed Behind Closed Doors, you're gonna love Bring Me Back. This suspense crime thriller will keep you out of breath till the very end. Finn and Layla are on vacation. Finn stops at a petrol station to use a restroom and Layla remains waiting in the car but when he comes back, she is gone. At least this is Finn's version of a story. Ten years later Finn is about to marry Layla's sister Ellen but something's nagging inside of him not to trust her. Then other things start to happen...

by Lauren Groff

The centre of this collection of stories is Florida with different characters, landscapes, towns, decades and even centuries. It is about loneliness, family, love, rage and time. About decisions we make, about hope and despair - about the moments that make us alive.

by Anthony Horowitz

Another crime mystery for you to crack. When a woman plans her funeral and is found murdered six hours later - is this a coincidence, a cold-hearted murder or a planned act by the victim herself? There's a detective ready to uncover the case but eager to hide his own secrets. There's also a bloody trail of clues...

Stephanie Rosenbloom

If you are a lonely traveler looking for new destinations, this travel guide is made exactly for you. The author presents four destinations - Paris, Istanbul, New York and Florence - in different season but in the same year. Instead of popular tourist places and museums, she introduces pedestrian-friendly spots for those who would like to slow down and enjoy one's solitude in lovely casual places.

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