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Top 5 Books To Look For This September

Time to count them. The ones that accompanied you on a plane to exciting holiday places, the ones you carried around on the beach, the ones that joined you on a terrace on a pleasant summer evening or the ones that were the last to stare you back before you fell asleep. How many? Of course, we're talking about the books you've read this summer. Because that hunger-to-read period is almost over and the busy routine takes over. Be quick to reflect - new September publications are just around the corner!

by Robert Galbraith

Hallelujah! J.K. Rowling, oh, sorry, Robert Galbraith is finally back with her/his fourth novel in Cormoran Strike series. The grumpy private detective has a new case after a troubled young man named Billy asks him to investigate the crime he had presumably seen in his childhood. Together with his loyal associate Robin Cormoran has to untangle a complicated case as well as their complicated relationship.

by Khaled Hosseini

The author of the famous The Kite Runner returns with his short piece of fiction dedicated to the hot topic of refugee crisis. His novel is actually a letter from a father to his son on the eve of their journey overseas. The father reflects on their life in Syria before the war and all the transformations that it brought. This beautifully illustrated novel is a tribute of the writer to all the families that have been forced to flee from their home.

by Stuart Turton

The fans of Agatha Christi should love this one. The plot is rather surreal but aligns with all the requirements of a classic murder mystery. Every day there's a gala party at Evelyn Hardcastle's house and every day Aiden Bishop tries to stop her murder. It has happened hundreds of times and Aiden can stop it only by saving Evelyn's life and identifying the killer in advance. But how to succeed when nothing and no one is quite as they seem?

by Anne Bogel

If you are a true book lover, this non-fiction piece must find a place on your bookshelf. The blogger and author Anne Bogel introduces a charming collection on reflections about the reading life forcing you to remember the first book that hooked you or the one you fell in love with. Through the new things about reading and literature the author engages you to think about the role reading plays in our lives.

by Merve Emre

Have you ever completed a personality test? It might well be that it was the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Invented by a mother and her daughter to bring the gospel of Carl Jung to the masses in 1920s, gradually the test achieved a cult-like status, which is still strong and sound. If you're interested in why we are putting every person on a certain shelf, this is definitely a read for you.

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