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Top 5 New Books To Engage You This November

What about your reading resolution for this year? Are you in line with your objectives or are you dragging behind because of all sorts of excuses? Don't worry - there's still time to catch up. Even bleak November weather is going to play in your favor. And we're going to offer our TOP 5 of the newest November publications that might help you to get along with your reading list. So take a look and keep reading!

by John Boyne

Here's a new novel by the author who of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. This time the story begins in 1988 in West Berlin. A handsome young man Maurice Swift is looking for success and strives to become a writer without having a talent. He just needs a perfect story for starters. And he finds one when a famous novelist confides to Maurice about his activities during the war. It helps Maurice to start climbing the ladder of the literary fame but climbing to the top no matter what is a direct step to a hard fall...

by Lee Child

Jack Reacher's fans might hop and roll for the 23rd time. Lee Child brings him back again. This time Jack makes an unexpected turn in his journey to visit a town his father was from. But surprisingly he gets an answer that no Reacher has ever lived here. When he starts researching his father's past, it appears it is more deadly than the present...

by Liane Moriarty

Want a page-turner? Here's one for you. Nine strangers gather together at a remote health resort. Each of them has his own reasons for being here, including a novelist Frances Welty. Neither she, nor other guests could have ever imagined how challenging the following ten days at Tranquillum House were going to be...

by Karen Katchur

Behold a gripping murder mystery. A body is found in the Delaware River in a small town of Portland. It reminds of a similar murder twenty years ago. But locals reveal nothing to the detective Parker Reed. He runs into his childhood love Becca Kingsley who just returned to look after her dying father, a former police chief. Thus Becca is also drawn into the case and has to deal with the dangerous secrets and memories of the past...

by Joakim Palmkvist

This is not a fictional novel, however it tells a story of true events that happened in 2012 when s Swedish millionaire landowner Göran Lundblad went missing from his farm. His body has never been found. The case turned cold but not for Therese Tang who tried to untangle it for two years. She found a nest of secrets, lies, and betrayal and tried to prove that all this led to a murder.

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