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Extend Your To-Read List With The Best Of 2018

No matter how many books you manage to read there's always a friend or a relative who would talk about something incredible he or she's just finished reading that you personally have never noticed or heard of. Every day you hear new titles and start doubting whether your reading list is enough intellectual and sophisticated.

Are you familiar with the feeling? Then there's more challenge for you, as with a year drawing to its end many respectable institutions come up with their own suggestions and lists of best literary pieces. These Top tens or hundreds provide you with more titles and you are lucky to find at least a couple of books there you've already marked as read.

But what about the other ones? Well, no one's perfect so don't try to clog your spare time with intensive reading in order to digest as many notable titles as possible. Reading should be a pleasure, not a race or competition, and even less an obligation to read what everybody's reading because some influencer just posted a cover with a title on an Instagram.

It's all about your choice whatever criteria you decide to apply. Just keep reading!

Here're some ideas for your future reading list:


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