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March Top 5 New Books To Travel With

If you are looking forward for a trip because you'll get an opportunity to read while travelling, you're one of us. Have you ever noticed that those precious transfer hours when you're on a train, on a plane, on a bus or still waiting at the station or the airport is everything you really need plus a cup of good coffee. A true traveller always carries a book in his bag or a backpack and impatiently waits to start page-turning the minute he makes it comfortable in his seat. But if you left your reading piece at home, don't worry. Here's our TOP 5 March new releases you could look for at the book stand:

by Candice Carty-Williams

This novel should primarily attract female readers but who are we to draw the boundaries. Queenie is a 25-year-old Jamaican British living in London and working at a national newspaper. However, she is messy with her life, always wondering "Who are you?" and "Who do you want to be?", as, actually, the majority of us do.

by Samantha Downing

Ready for an engaging crime thriller from a debut author? Imagine a normal couple living in your neighborhood, their kids playing with yours, the dinners together. But each family has their own secrets and thrills. The one this couple tries to hide is how to get away with murder...

by Etaf Rum

Yet another novel based on a portrait of a woman and her family. This time it's an Arab-American Deya who is being forced to get married at eighteen. As her mother did when she left Palestine to marry Adam. But Deya's parents died in a car accident or at least she was told so. Until she receives a secret note and Deya starts to untangle the dark secrets behind her fragile community.

by Peter Swanson

One more killer living next door. The whole nightmare begins for Hen when she and her husband visit their neighbors and there she spots a sport trophy, which went missing from the home of a young man killed two years ago. Hen knows about this because she was obsessed with this murder case. Could her neighbor Mathew be a killer? The more she observes him, the more she is sure. But Mathew already knows Hen is watching him...

by Rachel Hollis

For those who prefer non-fiction while travelling, here's a new book by a bestselling author and a founder of a multi-million dollar media company Rachel Hollis. This time she tries to make women to believe in themselves and stop talking out of their dreams.

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